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Volunteer Policy

In order for the school to operate successfully, we rely on the contribution of family volunteer hours. Without the time and talent from our volunteers, we may have to invest in alternatives to completing the work that is required. We would rather rely on and have 100% volunteer participation but understand that for some families this may not be possible and thus offer the opt-out charge. Thank you for your understanding. Please see the Volunteer Policy Flow Chart by clicking the link below.

Volunteer Policy Flow Chart 

Service to School and Service Requirement Policy

School Advisory Board approved 05/2012.

Volunteers are critical to our St. Alphonsus community and the student’s school experience. There are many programs that exist solely because of the work of great volunteers. These educationally enriching opportunities would be lost if we do not get the volunteers required for them. There are many opportunities throughout the year for which to volunteer. To meet these needs, all families attending St. Alphonsus School are required to perform 20 service hours per student enrolled per school year. Many of these needs are highlighted in the Service Opportunity Handbook found in the Back to School packet. As other service needs are identified throughout the school year, they will be filled with the help of the school service hour coordinator(s). Please refer to the table located at the back of this handbook for how the NEW Volunteer Policy will affect each family.