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St. Alphonsus is a little place with a big heart. Everything we do starts small and grows. We start with small class sizes and grow kids that aim high and think big. We start with toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and grow them into high school ready, lifelong learners. We take childlike faith and nurture it into a guiding compass able to direct and keep students throughout their lives.

St. Al’s is more than just another Catholic school. We’re a family of teachers that are passionate about equipping children for the future no matter where they came from. We’re a community that takes great pride in our rich diversity and developing students who face the world with open arms and open minds.

We’re a 50 year old tradition that is based on the heart and calling of Redemptorists to bring God’s love to all people, and in particular the poor and the abandoned. Today that love is demonstrated through exceptional Catholic education that is made affordable to families. It is evident in the heart of a truly committed faculty, many of whom have been here over 20 years. And that love is seen in the joy, happiness, and excitement on students faces throughout our campus.