Technology – Kindergartners have formal instruction from our computer teacher once per week for 30 min. Our children have access to computers in the classroom to further develop their computer skills.

Library – Kindergartners have one library period per week. They select books to check out. Children are exposed to different genres of literature.

Art – Art is taught by the classroom teacher and assistant teacher. The focus is on the process of the projects. Children learn to follow directions through multi-step projects, yet they are encouraged to develop their own unique style.

Language Arts – Children develop a love of reading. Good reading techniques are modeled for the children on a daily basis. Kindergartners learn to read sight words, word families, and use clues to sound out unfamiliar words. Writing is modeled for the children and the children participate in writing activities. The stages of writing are developed at each individual child’s own pace through the use of journals. Kindergartners learn to sound out words using their phonetic skills as well as to write with words from the word walls around the classroom. Through stations they work on listening to reading, develop handwriting skills, practice writing and word work, and have small group instruction with the teacher.

Math – Kindergartners develop number sense. Many math lessons are integrated into our daily calendar activities. Children learn place value to the hundreds. Students have a basic understanding of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Science – Children develop a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them. We use our senses that God has given us to learn about living and non-living things. Children develop an understanding of how weather changes and affects people as well as how to care for our earth.

Music – Kindergartners have instruction twice per week with a specialist. Music is also used in the classroom on a daily basis. Music is used to reinforce lessons in all subject areas.

PE – Gym is taught by a specialist twice per week. Kindergartners have outdoor playtime on a daily basis. Multiple pieces of playground equipment provide opportunities for the development of large motor skills.

Religion – The children attend Mass on a weekly basis with their 5th grade buddies and participate in preparing the Mass during the year. Each day is started with prayer. They learn the Sign of the Cross and classroom prayers. Our number one rule is to respect others at all times and to act the way Jesus would. Kindergartners are taught that God made all living things and God loves us. The children learn the liturgical seasons, holy days, and Bible stories.

Social Studies – Children learn about their community around them and personal safety. The children learn about the history of our country and they are being of service to others. They prepare a pumpkin bar treat to show their thanks to their 5th grade buddies.

Additional Course Offerings – The subjects are integrated into thematic units providing fun hands-on learning experiences including cooking and quilt making. Numerous field trips are taken throughout the year in addition to guests being brought into our school, helping the children develop an appreciation for art, history, science, and nature. Children develop social skills and self-confidence by getting plenty of free choice time in addition to speaking and presenting in front of others. Kindergartners at St. Alphonsus Catholic School develop a love for lifelong learning!