St. Alphonsus Catholic School offers a wide range of enriching activities designed to further develop each child through a fostering of challenging activities within a fun and value-based environment.

Band: Grades 4-8

St. Alphonsus School offers elective band lessons during classroom hours in collaboration with the Totino-Grace Fine Arts Academy. Band students receive weekly instrument lessons, participate in band rehearsals, and perform in the Christmas Concert and Spring Program. Band instruction is provided by the designated band director. Students buy their own instruments. Discounts and used instruments are available. If you are interested, please click here to email Mr. Tim Hoffman.

Christmas Concert: Grades K-8

Band students and music students perform Christmas songs of all types for family and friends.

Crusader Crew: Grades 5-8

Students perform cheers and dance routines at fall school pepfests. Students meet several times outside of school hours at the beginning of the school year for rehearsals.

Student Council: Grades 5-8

Student Council is made up of elected members from each grade. Meetings are held once a week, and elected officers and representatives must be able to attend meetings. Officers and members also serve on various community committees, school committees and task forces. Student Council-sponsored activities include student donations to charitable organizations and student social activities.

Middle School Class Trip: Grades 6-8

Every other year, middle school students have an opportunity to visit Washington D.C. to see and learn about our country’s history and how our nation’s foundation was built on a strong faith in God. Some of the sites they will visit include famous monuments and memorials, National Archives, White House, United States Capital, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Museums, Arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Ford’s Theater, and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. This four day tour is coordinated through American Christian Tours.

Yearbook: Grades 7 & 8

Eighth grade students have the opportunity to help with the layout of the school yearbook under the guidance of a teacher advisory staff. Students work together to create collage photo pages, class pages, and an “Eighth Grade through the Years” page. Students are also involved in editing. Those wanting to participate in development of the yearbook will need to attend meetings either before or after school.

St. Al’s Helping Squad (SAHS): Grades 5-8

Fifth through 8th grade students are invited to participate in giving back to the local community, as well as people in different parts of the world.  Students plan exciting events to raise money that will be given to the charitable organizations of their choosing.  They also participate in service projects that serve others.