Academic Overview

St. Alphonsus Catholic School recognizes the developmental uniqueness of each and every child. We believe excellence is best achieved through the partnership of school staff, parents and students. This partnership fosters academic excellence and physical achievement while helping children learn and live the Catholic faith.

St. Alphonsus Catholic School is proud to have been providing Catholic education in the Brooklyn Center area for over 50 years. We at St. Alphonsus place a high priority on the basics of education with faith formation being our main priority. All students are held to high academic and behavioral standards from staff members who believe all students can achieve. As a result, our students receive a well-rounded education.

The close relationship with our parish and the Redemptorist Community provides many opportunities for our students to celebrate our faith including: weekly student-led Masses, adoration, prayer services as well as visits from our parish priests.

At St. Alphonsus Catholic School, everyone belongs. We embrace our differences and work hard to build a community. Students benefit from our small class sizes. Being small means that each student is known and every family is valued. St. Alphonsus Catholic School is a safe place for our children to learn, to create and to expand their learning potential.

The school and parents are considered partners dedicated to ensuring a successful educational experience for the students. United, we will be able to provide the best possible experience for our students, an experience where students, teacher, staff and parents will have the opportunity to grow in their faith, as well as loving and respecting God, others and themselves.

Opportunities include: music, band, guitar lessons, technology lab, healthy lunches, athletics, field trips, community service, full-day kindergarten, preschool, after school program, tuition assistance, and district bussing.


St. Alphonsus Catholic School is committed to maintaining small class sizes to ensure that each student is afforded an education in an environment which allows the staff to meet the needs of all students. Small class sizes also allow the teachers to tailor their styles to meet the needs of our students. Class sizes range from 15-25.