Board of Directors

Board of Specified Jurisdiction
The 2017­-2018 school year marked the beginning of an exciting new school board structure with important duties and responsibilities. The board spent the majority of the year learning about St. Al’s accomplishments and challenges related to school enrollment, fundraising, finances, facilities, and strategic planning. The board is composed of individuals with expertise in these areas and a passion for Catholic education. We are in the process of developing recommendations and support mechanisms in each of the key areas necessary for St. Al’s success. We applaud the work of the teachers, staff, volunteers, and school leadership to create an incredible learning environment dedicated to the development of the whole child.

Board of Specified Jurisdiction Board Members
Steve Pohlen – Chair
Fr. Don Willard, Pastor
Jane McDonald Black
Jorge Ulate
Bob Wacek
Bob Miller
Maya Ignabode
Tony Pohlen
Frank Barry
Linda Mack
Maureen Segner
Kari Staples, Principal – Non Voting
Tierney Peters, Advancement Director – Non Voting

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